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The water theme of the Memorial Park begins

See the water feature on its way down through the Sunken Rose Garden.
These images show the Memorial Garden prior to when the Scenic Drive-Way was sealed in late May ‘55.
The views showing the Christmas Float are from December ‘54.

The Lost Sunken Garden. by Bill Stirling

Paths, Steps, footbridges, pools, waterways and roses.
Lost Sunken Rose Garden Pools and Footbridge

The garden’s paths stretched all the way up past the road bend.
Included with the maze of paths was a large sloped Cactus Plot with small pools and footbridge features.

Photo’s c/o Stirling family collection.

This memorial garden was part of the "well planned contours" of sunken gardens that dignify the perimeter around the natural mound in which the Sunken Cross is set.
Earthwork formation was underway in Jan’ 53 and it was near completion by May ‘53 with a hold up waiting for rock supplies.
The Women's Division of Federated Farmers established rose bushes in 1954, preceeding and no doubt inspiring the Te Awamutu Rose Garden.
The Cactus plants and planting of the cactus garden were c/o Mrs H.A Hillmer of the Hamilton Cactus Society.
Following the water passages through the Sunken Rose Garden was a delight to children.

The Sunken Rose Garden. Even unswept it looked fine, just prior to it being removed in 2007.

The Sunken Rose Garden in 2007
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