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The Sundial was installed aprox’ late ‘54. It was damaged in Feb’ 55 and was later repaired. Seen in opening day photos, it was originally set on a flat square platform several yards further along the front entrance footpath where bollards are now. Its pedestal appeared to be black then. The brass sundial, missing since approximately the early 90’s, read upon it something like: that it was donated by the Sisters of Zion, in gratitude to those who served in WW2.
The pedestal is now Grey. It was moved to its present position aprox’ early this century, reason unknown. But it was set crooked with cement smothering its base. It is still without its sundial. The platform it had originally stood on was also removed in recent years.
A replacement sundial is required and the pedestal needs to be reset straight. Does anyone have the sundial? Can a record of the original inscription be found? Does anyone have a photo of the dial?

The Zion Sundial on Opening Day
Photo's c/o Stirling Family Collection.

The Zion Sundial fitted and then damaged.

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